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TREK Travel

Wheel Base staff and customers enthusiastically recommend TREK Travel cycling vacations

“My husband Tom and I have loved every Trek Travel trip we’ve been on. The riding is always challenging for both of us.  Even though Tom is a much stronger rider than I am, I never felt like I’d be left behind or that I was holding anyone up. Between the guides and fellow travelers there is always someone fun, who matches my abilities, to ride with. Not only is the riding great but everywhere we go the scenery is stunning, the hotels are wonderful and the food is amazing! We can’t wait to go on another Trek Travel trip.”  —Emily Hardy 

Experiencing Provence by bicycle with Trek Travel was the ultimate adventure. I could not dream up a better way to take in rich history, experience out-of-this world cuisine and breath-taking scenery, all while enjoying quality time with my dad, than with the Trek Travel experience. The guides provided experiences to satisfy experienced cyclists and less-avid riders alike, and dreamed up itineraries that were never short of stunning views, amazing food & wine, and of course, great cycling.  —Britt Diehl
My first organized bike tour. No doubt we were in California on this stunning 7 day trip. Sunny Jalama Beach with colorful kite surfers, and white sand beaches. Manicured vineyards with red rose borders.  Epic views in the coastal mountains.  The thrill of the 10 mile climb up “The Fig”. World class guides and, of course, TREK Domanes prepped and ready to ride every morning. Excellent meals and, for me, espresso stops everywhere. Great group of people. Rides that accommodate all abilities; ride hard if you want, or go easy. Pool and spa on your return. Other than an emphasis on safety, 7 days of complete freedom and enjoyment.  —Jack Bickley